Make Better Decisions

Evidence-based management aims to bring cutting-edge research closer to decision-makers.

Do What Works

Certified evidence-based managers evaluate empirical research and practical solutions to ensure your organization is focusing on solutions with the highest likelihood of success.

Employees Develop Solutions

The Certified Evidence-Based Manager training and certification teaches employees to develop solutions by answering “what works.”

What Makes Evidence-Based Management Different?

Evidence-Based Management Improves Decision Making by Using Evidence to Inform Solutions

The term “evidence-based” was first used in medicine, where physicians would compare their patient observations with the most recent, best available scientific literature to improve patient outcomes. Imagine what medicine practice would be like if physicians made treatment decisions based on “gut feelings” without performing tests and consulting with industry-leading research.  Or treated every single person with the same medication regardless of symptoms.


Without Evidence-Based Management, this is what decision-makers are doing; using a “one size fits all” approach to selecting solutions instead of diagnosing your organization and selecting the solutions that would be most effective for your organization’s situation and background. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” contributes to the 70% failure rate for corporate initiatives.


Evidence-Based Management decreases this failure rate by developing organization-specific, targeting, evidence-based solutions.

Certified Evidence-Based Managers are trained to assess the organization’s needs, background, and situation before developing recommendations. 


Evidence-based management links the best available information (or evidence) to actionable insights and solutions for decision-makers.

Why Get Certified

Executives don't buy skills, they buy solutions.

Earning your Evidence-Based Manager certification demonstrates that you are prepared to develop organizational-specific solutions using the best information available.


Developing effective solutions requires an in-depth understanding of evidence-based management, management theory and conceptual frameworks, qualitative and quantitative research design and methodology, AND how to translate evidence and information into actionable solutions for the organization.


The certification process consists of completing the training and passing the certification exam. Once you are certified, you will be required to recertify every three (3) years to demonstrate your continued learning and deepening of your evidence-based management understanding.

Joining the Evidence-Based Management Association

Learning doesn't stop after certification.

Certified Evidence-Based Managers are always learning and increasing their abilities to develop evidence-based solutions.


To support continuing education, the Evidence-Based Management Association hosts quarterly webinars highlighting evidence-based management in practice. EBMA members are invited to attend these webinars at no cost. Conveniently, attending all quarterly webinars provides 12 CEUs, meeting the continuing education requirements for recertification.


Evidence-Based Management Association members receive a discount on their CEBM training and certification exam, continuing education, and recertification.

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